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Our mission is to inspire new technology that relies on the efficient interaction of fluids (e.g. air, water, blood) and structures (e.g. vehicles, medical devices, energy harvesters). To that end, we research the physics of Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI). We are part of the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Virginia. We are also members of the Link Lab, a group of UVA researchers who study systems with both software and physical components (Cyber-Physical Systems). Our current research is focused in three areas: fish-inspired vehicles, Micro Aerial Vehicle stability, and body flow sensors.

Publications: To see recent publications, visit Principle Investigator Dan Quinn’s Google Scholar page.

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Fish-Inspired Vehicles
Micro Aerial Vehicle Stability
Body Flow Sensors
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Link Lab Opening

Big night for our lab at Thursday’s Link Lab Opening. We ran two demos as part of the event: one showing our lung flow sensor concept (hosted by Luis Ruiz) …